WhatsApp Introduces ‘Disappearing Messages’ Feature by Admin

WhatsApp Introduces ‘Disappearing Messages’ Feature

WhatsApp introduces a new option for messages that disappear this month. The feature will allow WhatsApp users to enable message disappearance in chat conversations between friends, to automatically delete messages after seven days. Anyone can enable the option in individual chats, and group administrators can enable retractable messages in group chats.

We start with 7 days because we think it offers the peace of mind of knowing that conversations are not permanent while remaining practical so as not to forget what was talked about in chat,” says a WhatsApp spokesperson. “The shopping list or store address you received a few days ago will be there as long as you need it, only to disappear when you no longer need it.”

Missing messages will also delete photos and videos after seven days, and although messages will disappear for both parties you can still take screenshots or just copy messages before they are deleted automatically.

You will need to enable message disappearance for each group or contact. Once the feature is fully implemented, it will be available as a new option in each friend’s contacts section in WhatsApp. The setting will not erase older messages and will affect new messages only when it is enabled.

WhatsApp says that this month it will begin distributing this type of “retractable” messages to all users.


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